Over the years, aj consortium Company Limited has taken a planned and systematic approach to expand and diversify its activities, leading to a consistent growth both in terms of services provided and revenue, and to a well-established brand name and a strong position in the Pakistan and international market. Favorable economic conditions and emerging market needs and requirements in Pakistan , coupled with the management entrepreneurial spirit and focus on continuous growth, provide the foundation upon which aj consortium builds its strategies and capitalizes on various opportunities.

aj consortium continues to grow and widen the scope of its services and products by working closely with local and international suppliers and strategic business partners in an effort to embrace change, explore new opportunities and better cater to the emerging needs of a growing client base in the pakistan.

Achieving continued growth and development is testimonial to aj consortium ability to provide direct vision and long-term direction for its servicing solutions. This is undertaken through Corporate Business Development and Business Ventures, functions that identify and develop new projects and opportunities and ensure that they maximize on intra-company synergies to achieve growth.

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